It’s not surprising Hulu has finally decided to acquire some esports content. Also not surprising that they went with their geographical neighbor ESL.

All 4 show concepts have been attempted before by various orgs in the space. The main goal is how to maximize quality while also maximizing margins…

The Esports Boom podscast has been going strong. We just put out the latest episode here:

Things that were interesting this week:
- 15% of NIP for 8 figures. Seems verrrry expensive.
- Nielsen report had a list of the most popular esports teams, strangely missing was TSM
- CAA bought the outfit that negotiated Riot’s broadcast rights sale to BAMTECH. A sign of things to come?

Previous Episodes can be found here:

You can also get it on iTunes here:

So you’re coming to ESL One at the Barclays Center. The event has been advertised as occurring in New York City… but you suddenly realize it’s in Brooklyn, NYC — not Manhattan, NYC.

Chances are if you’ve seen NYC in a Movie/TV show/Music Video — what you saw was Manhattan…

Check out the full episode of the Esports BOOM Podcast here:

Table of Contents for Show

Part 1 — XLive Con Discussion —

Part 2 — Nielsen Enters Esports —

Part 3 — NYC OWL Team —

Part 4 — G2 Raises Initial Growth Capital —…

Insert Generic Wild, Wild, West of Esports Reference Here

Earlier TNL re-published my post from a few months back on Ethereum. Manny prodded me to share my thoughts on a few recent Initial Coin Offerings in this update. It’s important to view ICO’s as investments with various grades of risk. As with any investment it’s important to research potential…

I’ve been wanting to do an esports podcast for awhile. Earlier in the year I was introduced to Maurice Eisenmann , a member of WHAM’s Esports team, and we hit it off right away.

Mo understands the space and has a deep understanding and passion for it. Last week we decided to make our twitter bromance official with a joint venture podcast.

You can listen to the first episode here:

We covered a wide range of topics and I provided links to the various stories we referenced in the description.

Part 1 — Overwatch League
Part 2 — Tencent Making Moves
Part 3 — The International — Steam vs Amazon
Part 4 — BamTech Acquired by Disney
Part 5 — NBA2K League
Part 6 — Headlines from August 2016: Where are they now?

Last week I had the pleasure of appearing on “This Week in Esports” to talk about my esports career. The show is put on by Mixer and produced by an old colleague of mine, Kieran “Lenox” Phillips.

Check out the segment below:

These books have grown my understanding of the esports industry and improved my contributions to the space. While I don’t think a single one mentions esports specifically, the lessons and examples they provided have direct parallels to the problems and challenges our colleagues are attempting to solve.

Keep in mind…

With July wrapping up, it’s time to see the forest for the trees. Here are the five narratives that stood out above the rest. I encourage you to leave your thoughts and comments below.

#5 Esports Teams are Having a Hard Time Remaining Competitive without VC

July was bookended by funding announcements of RFRSH & CLG. If it wasn’t abundantly clear already…

The competition among streaming platforms has never been hotter. However despite the multitude of options there seems to only be one value proposition.

A user (streamer) seeks to create content with the goal of attracting the largest possible audience. The platform and streamer then seek to monetize the audience primarily…

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